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Way back in Nineteen Ninety Six
A good many years ago,
A group of sportsmen gathered together
And that was the start of the ExPro we know.
Thirty to forty were at that first meeting
And look at it now, Look around at the seating.
All sporting codes from across the board
Have bonded together and attendance has soared.
ExPro is renowned for the good that they do
And it’s all thanks to John and his remarkable crew.
Just look at the gifts that will make the kids smile,
While behind the scenes
ExPro goes that extra-long mile.
So much of their good work we don’t get to hear
But I know how they help and I hold them so dear.
ExPro, you’re special, you’re caring and giving,
Keep the sporting bonds close
They make life worth the living.

Ianthe Exall October 2015


Alex Ferguson Evening

  • Friday April 8th Durban Race Day Greyville
  • Durban Social Bowls
    Hillary Bowling Club
  • Saturday September 3rd Turffontein Race Day
  • Friday October 7-9th Nest Weekend
  • Friday October 14th Cape Town Lunch – Kelvin Grove
  • Friday October 28th Turffontein Expro Lunch
  • Friday November 11th Greyville Expro Lunch

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John Louch
Andre Audibert
Bernie Ribeiro
  • To unite and communicate on a regular basis with all of the many hundreds of friends accumulated over the years;
  • To inform and update you of all planned activities at various venues in South Africa to raise funds for those in need;
  • To bring you in contact with the many friends and acquaintances across the globe on the various personal, sporting and business fronts.
Please enjoy the many memories which we have collated for you. The days of the NFL were indeed special and we have put together a database of thousands of images from those days to feed the web site regularly to ensure an experience for you everytime you enter it..
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